Full Name: Venusis La Arwall (ビナシス・ラ・アルウォール Binashisu Ra Aruwōru?); aka Neo Icon Epiphanes (ネオ・イコン・エピファネス Neo Ikon Epifanesu?)
Species: Atlantean, Mecha
Born: December 29, 1870
Origin: Tartessos, Africa

Emperor Neo is apparently the leader of the Neo-Alanteans. Later in the story we discover that he is Nemo's son and Nadia's brother, but his body was destroyed in the collapse of Tartessos, and was mechanically recreated by Gargoyle. He is then controlled like a puppet by him; he tries to take over the world using his psychic powers and technology, and also shoots his own father against his will.

In the end he will eventually liberate his free will and love for his family, sacrificing himself to save Nadia.

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