Grandis Granva

Grandis Granva is a 28 year-old woman. She was born into a rich Italian family, but is now broke and disowned by her relatives. She is the leader of the "Grandis Gang", a trio of jewel thieves. After being rescued along with Nadia, Jean and Marie by the Nautilus, she and her henchmen befriend the children. She develops a huge crush on Captain Nemo and develops a small rivalry with Electra during her time on the Nautilus. She also becomes a mother-figure to Nadia.

Nadia 33 5

Grandis in a bubble bath with Nadia

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Kumiko Takizawa (Japanese)
  • Melanie MacQueen (English, Streamline)
  • Sarah Richardson (English, ADV)

External LinksEdit

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