Gargoyle's iconic mask

Gargoyle is the head of the Neo-Atlantean forces and is the primary antagonist. He is hell-bent on world domination, but to do that he must first destroy Nemo and the Nautilus, and take possession of the Blue Water. He is ruthless, cold and remorseless and will kill anyone who gets in his way.:Template:Voiced by Motomu Kiyokawa (Japanese), Steve Bulen (English, Streamline), David Jones (English, ADV)

Real Name: Nemesis La Algol

Early LifeEdit

Gargoyle was the former Prime Minister of Tartessos in 1876. However, influenced by the Old Atlanteans, he formed a rebellion, killed the Queen of Tartessos, and destroyed the old kingdom and replaced it with the Empire of Neo-Atlantis. To show his power to the world, he tried re-activating the Tower of Babel, but a techinical malfunction (due to Nemo) destroyed Tartessos. 

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